(An abridged chapter from the forthcoming Novel “The Mills Kept Grinding”)

Credit: Engin Akyurt z Pexels

Scarcely a few patients sat in the waiting room. A thin man wearing a clean white coat came out of the surgery and with a soft tone invited the next person in:

- Herr Müller?

Antek got up from his chair and moved unhurriedly towards the open door. At the center of the bright, spacious dental surgery stood the object of the hatred of many children as well as adults — a massive dentist’s chair on a chicken leg.

- Sit down.

Said the dentist. Wadecki sat down.

A stocky man dressed in an SS uniform entered the waiting room…

(Differently on Palestinian knot)

Photo by hosny_salah

The history of the State of Israel is for the most part a record of never-ending war struggles. Rafael Eytan, former army chief of staff, wrote in his memoirs: “our war for independence is not over.” In a sense, he was right. In the mind of the average citizen, Israel is a state doomed to war. The public views reality and what it brings with it through a thick veil of never-falling smoke that perpetually hovers over dozens of battlefields. …

Graphic aranged by Duobla_m

I happen to write poems. Sometimes I even let someone reading them. Yet I do not know whether it is right. Often, after a careful reading, the reader — my victim — suddenly turns into a predator and attacks in perhaps the cruelest way I could imagine. He asks the same accursed question as always: How did this poem come to be? In terms of what sparked it off or what inspired me to take the plunge. In turn, blush like beetroot, I start stammering and feel extremely foolish. I should know! But well — I don’t know. I have…

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz Fantasy — Fairy-tale

I. A Paradise of Social Justice

Throughout the years of partition, Polish people adhered to the conviction that the restitution of independence would open the gates to a paradise of social justice. This myth proved popular largely amongst those of highbrow culture. 1918 rekindled social hopes, but also posed a number of questions — what role did literature play in the process of regaining independence, and hence what would become of its immediate future? There was also a third dimension to this question, namely fear for the future of the country and the form of the newly blossomed freedom. Significant for this period “were Żeromski’s dreams…

A very subjective digression about a significant affliction of Russian literature

Luca Signorelli — Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist

Is this an annihilation seen through the eyes of people doomed to live it forever, or is it merely a pain felt anew every day, caking up in the soul much like dirty snow on the never-cleaned courtyard of a once beautiful palace? How can one explain its ever-recurring specter and its sudden, unexpected materialization? What has man done, if still, in spite a whisper of common sense, against the will he pays with his humanity the price of non-human suffering? Does our very appearance in this world at once become a reason for bringing forward an accusation that has…

(on jackpot in the gene pool game)

Credit Geralt

It may sound strange, but tonight I met all my ancestors.

Or to be more precise: not so much meet as suddenly, for no apparent reason, I felt each of them within me. This means in the tiniest fraction of the passing seconds I became someone else but yet myself.

And so: having left the African plains, I found myself suddenly at the foot of the Sinai, then slowly to India, from India to Europe and beyond. I have crossed the immeasurable deserts of this world, the highest mountains, I looked at the blinding whiteness of the glaciers and the…

Dusan Pejakovic

Our guest for this expose is a young and talented writer Dusan Pejakovic, who is increasingly conquering the narrowly built upper echelons of quality literary expression realm. It is our great pleasure to guide you through life and work of this up-and-coming writer.

Dusan Pejakovic is a young and award-winning writer, residing in Podgorica, Montenegro. Master’s student of the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Montenegro, volunteer, social entrepreneur and book author. In addition to the languages ​​of the Balkan’s language area, he also creates in English, Italian and Spanish. Published so far in numerous anthologies of poetry and prose…

Credit: Duoblam

If there is something that the last year has taught us, then we should be humble towards what is closest — the world that we did not want to see in our push and hurry, or it seemed so mundane that it didn’t deserve our valuable attention. Notably, in times of alienation, apathy and claustrophobic loneliness experiencing and recognising the landscape we use to thrive in may appear as a saving gift from providence.

But this strength, this gift does not come from the outside, from the outer world, they are not the result of someone’s internment, it all shifts…

Martin Smallridge

Marcin Malek, also known as Martin Smallridge, Poet, writer, playwright, and publicist. Editor-in-chief of Agora24 on Medium.com. Lives and writes in Ireland

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